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    RIP Robin Williams
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    Unhappy RIP Robin Williams
    I hate to be the one who posts this, so I'll just leave it with a link and respectful RIP. Robin Williams was arguably one of the funniest guys to entertain in my lifetime.

    Robin Williams dead -
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    RIP Robin Williams
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    Heard about this about an hour ago on the news. You're right, one of the funniest people of my lifetime.
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    RIP Robin Williams
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    Very sad . . . it unfortunately seems that the great comedians of recent years die far too young.

    Peter Sellers
    John Belushi
    Robin Williams

    to name just a few
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    RIP Robin Williams
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    When I heard about it on the news today it brought tears to my eyes. Several years ago the wife and I had the opportunity to see him perform on stage. He was two solid hours of gut splitting comedy. He was a talented man and brought much joy and laughter to this world. He will be greatly missed
    Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.
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    RIP Robin Williams
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    What a talent he was and what a loss. Very sad.

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    RIP Robin Williams
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    Very tragic. He was a really funny guy, but, very depressed. That's so sad.
    I hope his soul is at rest now.

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    RIP Robin Williams
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    Robin Williams was an incredibly talented man. Its so sad that someone who brought so much joy to so many people was equally troubled so much in his personal life.
    As they say suicide is a permanent solution to a temperary problem. Robin will be truly missed by millions of his fans
    Rest in peace

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