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    Feb 25, 2012
    I haven't tried Windows 8 yet but plan on just sticking with 7 on my PC. Windows 7 is actually a decent OS. Vista was Crap. I still prefer windows desktops but prefer Apple/Mac for my laptops and portable computing. I can deal with either OS, whether Mac or PC. I really have no preference and the OS is not a selling point or a negative for me on either machine. I think Mac is just the best laptop. The trackpad, display, and general useability factor is what you want in a portable. Windows based laptops are too much work. I still prefer windows on my desktop, however.

    As far as iOS, I prefer it over Android, although I do have a Android HTC. I am waiting for a bigger display on the iPhone to make the swtich. Android is too clunky for my tastes. It gets the job done but it is just too loaded up. I really don't need all that on my portable devices. I like it plain and simple--one-touch kind of things. On the PC, however, customizeability is still the main reason I don't use OSX. Going through mutliple steps and menus and shortcut keys just to create a single file folder is one of the reasons I stick with Windows on the PC.

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    Well, here's an in-progress screen cap so far.

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    Mar 05, 2012
    13.3" i5 MBP (Late 2011)
    I had built a very powerful gaming pc about 2 years ago, but I was no longer using it for gaming. I now spend all of my time working on Android stuff for my Galaxy Nexus. I had a dual boot setup, and basically used linux for everything. It was just a waste having such a clunky desktop, and I didn't want to bother with a dual boot laptop.

    I decided a MBP was my best choice, because I could use if for my Android obsession (building from source, image editing, etc). Plus, OSX is a much more polished OS than linux. After only 2 days, I can honestly say this is the best computer I have ever owned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluhartz View Post
    I had the Windows 8 Consumer Preview on my Windows machine(dual boot) for all of 1.5 days.... HOT MESS is all I can say.... Just my opinion, but I hated it.....
    For a while I had it virtualized on my Mac, then I fired up my PC and virtualized it there (more processing cores, less RAM than the Mac)...I don't say I hate it, but on the flip side, sticking a somewhat artsy interface on top of a desktop interface that hasn't changed in what, 15 years? It is a bit of a hot mess.

    However, I do like the live tile design...I find that to be very different from iOS and Android. I'm curious as to how Windows on ARM will look.
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    Late 2011 13" MBP 2.4 GHz i5 16gb RAM, Early 2008 Mac Pro 2.8Ghz 8-Core Xeon 6gb RAM OSX 10.9.x
    To me Mac OS X is far more organized than Windows and generally easy to use. I have used 7 and currently have the developer preview of 8 and still hate the interface (tiles are nice but they need to get rid of desktop IMO). I also get less error messages and don't feel like I have to update right away to avoid the machine running slower. Also Mac hardware seems to outlast most PCs I have seen/owned.
    Past Macs: Power PC G4 996mhz, Power PC G5 quad-core, 2006 13" Macbook Intel Core Duo

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    Apr 05, 2012
    I simply spent far too much time fixing Windows issues on the many machines in my home. My new Macbook Pro is the most stylish, well-built, fast and efficient machine I have ever owned.

    I normally run Linux on my laptop because it is inherently faster and more reliable than Windows. Moving to Mac was easy as a result and the gains from Linux to Mac are impressive. Simple setup and simple to use.

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    First of all, I never had a problem running Windows on my computers. And I used the heck out of them.

    It came down to a time where I needed up replace my 4 year old laptop due to the fan going out. I was looking at the different offerings and settled on a new Windows machine that would let me play my games but, more importantly, do my video and photo editing without waiting hours for a video to render. $4800 was what I was going to spend on a laptop, and was ready to hit the submit button. On a whim, I looked at the Mac offerings in the 17" MBP line. $3600 for the fully beefed up version, $1200 less than what I was looking at on the Windows side. Oh, and I could run Windows 7 in Bootcamp so I could still use 2 pieces of software I didnt have the cash to buy a Mac license for, 1 of which I could not get for Mac. That is why I switched.

    Since then, I have added a MacMini as my iTunes AirPlay Media Server. Having all Apple computers in the house has really allowed me to open up the floodgates on how I am watching TV/Movies and listening to Music. Between the Apple TV2's, the Mini, my iPad and an Airport Express (for the audio on my main stereo) I have been blasting away at cable.

    It is amazing what a little bit of reading and thinking outside the box will get you. My Windows Media Server never really worked like I wanted it to, much less as easy as the Mini. Within an hour of turning on the Mini, running the updates and moving my iTunes Library, I was watching movies on my other TV from iTunes.
    MBP 17" 2011, 2.3GHz Intel Quad-Core i7, 8GB RAM, AMD Radeon HD 6750M 1GB RAM
    MacMini 2011, 2.7GHz Intel Dual-Core i7, 8GB RAM, AMD Radeon HD 6630M 256MB RAM
    iPhone 5S 64GB, iPad Air 2 128 GB LTE, iPod Nano Gen6 8GB, Apple TV 3 & 2

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    Sep 14, 2011
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    'nuff sed.
    When the final act of desperation, Ctrl-Alt-Delete, stops working... know it's time to throw-in the proverbial towel.

    In fairness, this issue is not actually Windows's fault, it's due to the poorly-constructed hardware of my PC notebook already having half-cooked itself after less than 6 months. I'm keeping it until the end of this year at university, then selling it & going back to using my old desktop PC, saving some more money over summer, and buying a 2012 MacBook Pro + a copy of Windows & virtualisation software (for all my degree's PC-only apps) to go into the my second year with.
    For my purposes as an engineering graduate; Windows is respectable (& generally necessary), Linux is admirable (& often useful), macOS is enjoyable (& requires no further justification, although plenty could be given)!

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    Nov 24, 2011
    I don't hate Windows & my husband & I have built many a fine PC. What got me was the Macbook Air, I'm obsessed with mobile devices, slimmer, lighter, more power!

    I kept checking out the MBA everytime I was in a store that carried them, my family decided to gift me with a 13 inch Air for Xmas & here I am, still happily enjoying my computer.

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    I had always hated apple until 2007 when the 3rd gen nano came out. I fell in love with that and then I used my cousins 24 inch iMac. I then started an iPod and iPhone collection. I got my first Mac in 2008 and threw my pcs out the windows literally. I now have over 10 macs all of them working except for my iMac hard drive is dying after 5 years. I love OS X and will never go back to the windows world.

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    Jan 30, 2011
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    g4 ibook 1.2/512 leopard, 2007 MacBook 2.0 c2d lion, 20" imac 1.8 cd , 2010 mac mini
    I switched to mac because windows and microsoft are just pure garbage...and thats putting it nicely. I do some computer repair when I'm not out chasing storms and i always recommend apple if the computer the person has is really jacked up... I have a laptop that is my spare that is a windows machine, it has windows 7 on it.... got it when my ibook was stolen, it works ok but much happier since i got my 2007 macbook running lion. Apple products just work period!

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    I grew up using Windows. At school, they taught us how to use Windows. At home, my parents always bought Windows computers. My parents started buying me my own laptops when I was in the 6th grade--all PCs that ran Windows. My first one was a Compaq and that one lasted two years. The second one was a Dell and that one also lasted two years. The third one was an HP and that one lasted four years.

    All my PCs tended to end up having the same problems. They'd get viruses and sometimes the situation got so bad that I'd have to go weeks without using my computer because it was such a headache. A couple of times, I got this annoying virus or trojan or whatever it was that slowed my computer to the extreme, and every time I opened up Internet Explorer, I would be bombarded with at least fifty different popups (and they each took FOREVER to load and were just as slow to close). My chargers would always burn out, and I'd have to do that annoying thing where I'd need to keep the cable and the computer in a reaaaally precise position so that it could actually charge, and then it cost me a ton of money to replace. Oh, and the worst was when my computer would randomly shut down. I can't tell you how many times that ruined a project I was working on. I'd have to obsessively save whatever I was doing out of paranoia that the computer was going to shut down and everything would go unsaved.

    I'd owned two iPod nanos before, and I liked them but they still didn't make me pay attention to Apple. Then three years ago, I got my first iPhone and I totally fell in love with the product. It was the most awesome electronic I'd ever owned (and I've owned a lot of different cell phones over the years).

    At that point I was already in college, and basically 99.9% of the people around me owned MBPs (I go to art school, so the rate of Apple owners is probably way higher here than at other schools). In my freshman year, I was basically the only person (that I saw) having a non-Apple PC.

    By then, my own laptop was dying a slow death. I'd had it for almost 4 years and it was ridden with a whole bunch of viruses, and the program I had to battle them never succeeded in getting rid of them all, and to top it all off it just slowed my computer down A LOT. It was also doing that randomly-shutting-off thing.

    I decided I needed a new computer and I was planning on still going with a Windows PC. I'd been asking all of the people around me if MBPs were good, and I'd only heard positive things. A lot of the people I was asking were "switchers" too. Still, I was afraid to dump Microsoft, because they were all that I knew. Part of me really WANTED to switch, but I was hesitant to do it. In the end, I decided to take the plunge because everyone around me told me that they had absolutely no problems with viruses. That was what sealed the deal with me in the end. And since I loved my iPhone so much, I trusted that Apple's other products would be good too.

    So I've had my MBP for almost two years now, and it still works as if I'd just bought it yesterday. I seriously love it and have no regrets.

    Edit: A big part of my switching also had to do with the realization that the problems I'd been having with my other PCs didn't happen as much on Macs. I just took it as a fact of life that all that crap happened to every computer after a while. But after hearing from other MBP owners that their computers had never had any of those issues, it was a big eye-opener for me. The most common problem I hear that people have with Macs is that they wish they had more memory. But for me, I'd rather have issues with space than all the other headaches that come with viruses and with poorly-built computers.

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