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    DO you own apple stock?
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    DO you own apple stock?
    DO you own apple stock?

    i dont.
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    Quote Originally Posted by macEfan
    DO you own apple stock?

    i dont.
    I think my parents do. I personally don't though. It is pretty high now though so not really worth it for any major gain or anything. I wish I did 10 years ago, hehe. Of course I didn't know anything about stock then so oh well.

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    DO you own apple stock?
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    I do and it makes me happy bought it when it was cheep too I thought "well what do I have to loose it cheep" im glad i did it.

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    i used to. as much as i love apple, i think their stock is slightly inflated right now, and will buy it in the near future if it goes down. I did buy google at 198, sold it at 305, and then bought it again at 285 my mom is a cpa/cfp financial advisor, so she calls me every morning and tells me what to do, atleast it helped pay for my new pb

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    DO you own apple stock?

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    i owned it last year when it was 25 bucks a pop. then sold it at like 32.. later that year it went to like 69 bucks or something and split.

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