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    Need help w/ powerpoint!!
    I don't have Powerpoint on this computer, but I need a PowerPoint!! If anybody could make me a simple powerpoint, that would be great! You can just put one of those pre-made backgrounds on( Is there an Off-white, Pale yellow one?) . Maybe some transitions ( But not as many as there are in Star Wars!)

    Heres what I need (URLs are pictures)

    1. Canoeing
    By: Aaron

    2. Personal Flotation Devices (PFD) SUBTITLE: " Type III PFD" SUBTITLE: " Type II PFD"

    3. Different Types of Canoes SUBTITLE: "Competition Canoe" SUBTITLE: "Recreational Canoe"

    Thanks to whoever makes it. I owe ya one!

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    I'm begging you guys! It would only take a couple of minutes!

    P.S. My email is , so you could send the PowerPoint there

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    Need help w/ powerpoint!!
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    You dont need PowerPoint to make this here try NeoOffice its free

    The reason i think that you didnt get any replies earlier is because its very hard to know exactly what you want i would suggest doing it with NeoOffice

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