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Thread: Restore EFI?

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    Restore EFI?
    Is there an easy way to restore my EFI partition? I am OSX+macbook newbie. I bought and installed a new HD 160 G in my macbook. I then installed foresight linux. I figured it was blank and I could try it out and restore back with my install disks. Anyways the install didnt go so well. I didnt have time to fix it so I just put my original 80 gig hd that shipped with my macbook. Only now it doesn't automatically boot into OSX. I have to hold the option button and select my HD for it to boot. How can I fix this? Thanks in advance.

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    If your in OSX take a look in the System Preferences then open Startup Disk and select the OSX volume. This should force OSX as default.

    Other than that you can google rEFIt and have an alternate boot including customs images etc.
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