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    How to open .exe files? Such as MMOG games like EVEOnline?
    I just downloaded EveOnline, as i've heard it's an unreal game, and wanted to step into the online gaming world. It placed itself on my desktop in a .exe format, and it doesnt seem to open and install itself like most things would. What am i supposed to do. Im new to mac's and still trying to find out how to do some things that i could/couldn't do on window's. Any Help would be appreciated. Thanks

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    .EXE is a Windows only format. The game you downloaded will only run on Windows. I've never heard of this game, but there be a Mac version...
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    indeed that is a Windows file extension. .exe is a windows only thing basically and will never work natively in osx. if you have an intel based mac you can install windows xp sp2 via bootcamp(available from and then you will be able to install and run it after you boot into windows.

    you should investigate as to wether or not they have a mac version of the game
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