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Thread: Bootcamp W7Pro (64 bit) install on secondary drive changed disk numbering -- fix?

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    Bootcamp W7Pro (64 bit) install on secondary drive changed disk numbering -- fix?
    I installed Windows 7 Pro (64bit) on a secondary drive of my Macbook Pro (mid-2012), and some how it changed the status of my two connected drives as follows:

    DRIVE 1 (1 TB): Mac OS, GPT, disk1
    DRIVE 2 (2TB): W7Pro, GPT, disk0

    So, while Windows will boot, I now cannot boot back into Mac OS unless I disconnect the secondary drive (where W7Pro sits).

    I have since reformatted the secondary drive (now Mac OS Journaled/GPT) and will attempt to install Windows again (via Bootcamp), but am reluctant to do so since the primary drive (DRIVE 1 - Mac OS) still reads as "disk1" (i.e. not as "disk0", which it used to).

    What are my options? I am assuming that I want my DRIVE 1 to be "disk0".

    Thanks for any assistance, and/or pointers to threads that already address this issue (with best fixes).

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    You should be able to remove the second disk - Drive 2 (disk0) and just leave in Drive 1(disk1) then start your MBpro and it should boot to OS X. It really doesn't matter what OS X calls it. In my case the main boot drive is designated disk4 and out of the four internal drives, I don't have a disk0.

    I was just wondering - did you try accessing Drive 1 (OS X) by holding down the Option key when starting your mac? That should have allowed you to select what drive you wanted to boot from. Just curious.

    Oh and yes, I recommend using bootcamp or Parrallels Desktop to run Windows. I have used both.

    Recommend using Onyx to clean your Mac.
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