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    Question Can I Download GarageBand App on My Windows 10 Laptop?
    I have got an article on [Link Removed] when I am searching 'GarageBand for Windows' in I have tried this article and worked for me. But I have a Question that Is GarageBand for Windows available in Apple's Community?

    If Anyone knows then give me a complete tutorial, Thanks in Advance !!
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    A warm welcome to Mac-Forums, kevinbrown.

    There is no official version of the software available for Windows PC as it is developed by Apple and so only available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac devices.

    Moreover, versions of GarageBand which can allegedly be downloaded to a PC are not made by Apple, not supported by them and - importantly - not normally discussed on our Forums.

    I am neither an Admin nor a Moderator, but I suspect that they may wish to terminate further discussion on this matter.

    I mean no offence. Your coming to our Forum was no doubt well intended and we welcome you.


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    As Ian put it these are Apple apps meant to run on Apple OS'. The article (link removed now) that was referenced in the OP's post basically takes you down the path of installing an iPad emulator on your Windows machine to run the apps. iOS emulators are only supported on macOS, so this is just a can of worms that we aren't going to touch!

    Thread closed!

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