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    getting an error while installing windows XP
    Hi, having a problem installing Windows XP using Parallels 5.

    keep getting these messages and it goes into a installing loop.

    what have I done wrong.?

    need help.!

    I am Soooooo lost when it comes to anything to do with windows. (been in Mac since 1985)

    regards, Sandy
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    I would try copying the contents of the disc onto your OSX desktop, then create an iso image from it, don't burn it to a disc, just point parallels to the iso image instead!

    Let us know how you get on

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    Aug 12, 2010
    Hi, after I gave up for a short time to have lunch, and forgot to kick the cd out, and re booted, and I opened parralles again, i got another message saying some tools were not installed.

    I clicked the install butting, and an installer in parallels rana (again.?!?) and hey presto now it all works. with out the windows CD in the drive.

    I think the first time around parallels may have been trying to run the windows from the CD not the HD..??!!?? not sure about that, but seems to be the only thing that I can think of. Even though I had installed it on my HD.

    so, somehow. beyond my explanation, as I dont have a clue about windows, it all works, (well so far, so good)...

    now I am into the daunting area of trying to work out how to get printers, modems, etc. to link/work though the windows/parrallels thing.

    (so there may be a few more questions-puzzels in the future)

    so thanks for the reply. much appreciated.regards, Sandy

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