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    Question avi player for OS 9.2
    Does anybody know any good avi players for mac os 9.2?.Any links where I can download them?.Plz.Your help is much appreciated

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    avi player for OS 9.2
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    not sure there are any, actually, pretty sure there are none, I think theres an intel indeo video codec that lets you play avis in quicktime, but I dont think it realigns it automatically,
    or try to find divx doctor for os 9(I used to have it), convert the avi to a .mov and play it in quicktime.

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    You might try: There is an avi to Quicktime conversion kit. Also there are some conversion codecs to play avi through Quicktime at available from: or I remember that the avi-qt kit worked well under QT 3 and 8.6. Unfortunately all of these utilities are old and may not work with newer versions of QT or avi files.

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