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    How much should I partition my Hard Drive?
    I am installing Windows XP Pro via Bootcamp, and I am wondering how much space I should partition for my windows? I plan on running a couple of programs, not many. I currently have a 500gb hard drive.


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    There is no correct answer for this one, but how much stuff is on your machine right now? I made mine 60GB and that is plenty for games and other Windoze crap.

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    It depends on how much space you need.

    I personally only used 32 GB, but I only have a 160 GB hard drive.

    I would probably suggest 50-100 GB unless you know you either will not ever use that much or if you know you need more.

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    32 GB was fine for me; I run office, explorer, some poker programs, and its PLENTY of room. Games and photo/video processing would require more space I would think.


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    I plan on using the Windows portion for probably 2-3 data processing and graphing programs.

    Maybe a few more, but the majority will be Mac.

    I'm thinking around 60 GB would be plenty.

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