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    Virtual PC on G4 PPC?
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    Question Virtual PC on G4 PPC?
    I upgraded my G4 MDD to Leopard and realized that I cannot run my copy of Virtual PC 7 on Leopard...(Big Dummy). I cannot find any way around this problem as MS says that it will not run on it and there is no way around it.

    Is there a viable option out there to allow me to run XP Pro? I need it so I can run a few apps...
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    Virtual PC on G4 PPC?
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    Go back to Tiger if that was working for you. Buy a PC.

    If you want a decent method with the MDD, it's not going to happen.

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    Virtual PC on G4 PPC?
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    If I may ask.... what apps are they? Are you absolutely certain there is no Mac equivalent of those apps?

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    Virtual PC on G4 PPC?

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    I seconded bryphotoguy. In the dictionary next to the word "miserable" is the icon for VirtualPC.

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