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    Question Can I watch mp4/DivX without hacking/transcoding????
    Hi all,

    Is there a way currently for me to watch my recordings & DivX videos from my PC on my Apple TV but without having to (a) open up my AppleTV to hack and without (b) having to pre-transcode my videos??? (i.e. transcoding on the fly would be ok)


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    Not at this time - I wind up having to transcode any DivX/XviD, AVI and MPG video. I just Quicktime Pro and just Export to a Quicktime Movie, put it in iTunes and let it sync up.

    I do have a problem where if I try to export directly to iTunes format (*.m4v) after about 45 minutes or so the audio/video becomes unsynced. I fixed this by just converting it to Quicktime and AppleTV will play that format just fine.

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