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    Poser 5 on an eMac?
    In Poser, when the figure is turned it turns all blocky and when it stops, it returns to its original form.

    Is this a product that shouldn't be run on an emac? Curious Labs makes no mention of videomemory.

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    Wow, I didn't understand a word of the jibberish you just spoke can you explain yourself more clearly... some of us can help but don't know what Poser, or blocky means. you know what i am saying ?

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    I think this thread really needs to go in the software section, but its probably not because of the eMac. Just to make sure, what are the exact specs on your eMac???

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    I thought it was a hardware related issue, that's why I posted it here. Actually it turned out to be a User issue. There was a simple setting that I missed.
    I think the powers that be can lock this thread.

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