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    Question about external HDD

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    Sep 17, 2007
    Question about external HDD
    Im not sure where to post this question but here we go. Im in to photography and photo editing. I am looking to switch to mac but all my photos and work is on a windows formatted HDD. if I place in a usb case can I plug it into usb port on a mac and acess the files.

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    Question about external HDD
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    Yes. Macs can read NTFS formatted drives and read/write FAT-32 drives.

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    Question about external HDD

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    Sep 17, 2007
    Cool looks like I may become a mac user. Thanks

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    Question about external HDD
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    Welcome to Mac Forums, dafowl1!

    You may also wish to see this post:

    regarding common file systems you can use between your Mac and your PC for an external hard drive.
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    Question about external HDD
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    I have a USB 40GB external drive that I used to back up my files from my Compaq laptop. When I bought my MacBook I simply plugged the USB into the USB port and it read all the files. I had no problem using drive for both computers. Hope this helps.

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