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    G3 Internal Speaker Dead...
    Hello. I have the Blue and White G3 Power Macintosh. When I try to play music without any external speakers (I currently have none) no sound comes out of the internal speaker. But, when I plug in headphones to the Audio Out/External Speakers Plug on the back, the music comes out fine. I checked the leads on the Internal Speaker, and they seem securely snug to the motherboard. I really doubt it's a software issue, But I'm not a professional. I'm thinking of buying a new Internal Speaker Assembly... (I'm very picky with having EVERYTHING working on a computer, no matter how little)

    Does anyone know what this is?


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    Anyone? I purchased another one and it still won't work. The connectors on the motherboard look fine and the plug connects well. Does anyone know what's wrong?


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    G3 Internal Speaker Dead...

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    The speaker on my G4 DA doesn't work either, but niether does the audio.
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    Yeah, If I hitch up external speakers they work fine, I think there might be a short in the pins on the motherboard, Tomorrow I'll check with a multimeter


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    OK. I got it working. I bought an extra speaker and cut the motherboard connecter off of it. Then I spliced the wires and did the same to a mini-jack to mini-jack cable. Then I connected the speaker's spliced end with the mini-jack cable's spliced end and tada. I put the speaker back in and ran the wire out the back into the external speaker port.


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