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    Good Laptop Messenger bag
    I am looking for a good messenger bag for my 12' pb. I was looking at the Crumpler dreadful embarrasment, but it has a 17' laptop pocket, would that be a bad thing?

    Why don't they make and laptop bags for 12' laptops big? It always follows the trend, the smaller the screen, the smaller the bag.

    I need something for school. Anyone know of anything let me know. Design does make a difference too.

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    Good Laptop Messenger bag
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    I had a 12inch for my ibook from brenthaven. The Fusion line and I LOVED mine. They are a bit on the expensive side but worth every penny.

    They used to have different versions, but would probably work pretty well for what you are looking for. Otherwise I'd say a messanger bag of your choice with a foam or hard rubber sleeve.

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    Theres a few Crumpler bags around now that cater for the new MacBook sized lappy. The following links are for euro shop but I'm sure you could find a reseller local(ish) to you selling them;

    Little Pimp

    Glory Box

    Cheesy Disco

    Theres a couple of bags that hold a 15" laptop but are able to take a laptop sleeve to stop em *rolling* about as such.

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    Good Laptop Messenger bag
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    Brenthaven and Timbuktu are the two most popular Powerbook/iBook bags on the market. I have a Timbuktu, and it's the best bag I've ever owned. Check out their respective websites, for more information.
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    Good Laptop Messenger bag
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    ditto on the timbuktu.

    posted all the info somewhere here...

    here we go

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    Good Laptop Messenger bag
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    Good Laptop Messenger bag
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    The timbuk2 blogger is one of the best bags I have ever owned.


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    Good Laptop Messenger bag
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    I'm a huge fan of this Tumi messenger bag.

    I've owned two Tumi bags since 1992, and this is the second. I put my first Tumi through a lot, and thanks to the Lifetime Warranty it's still going strong. I can't recommend Tumi products highly enough-- they're wonderful.

    I believe the bag I have is now being sold at the Apple Store, too.

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