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    PCI EXpress USB 2.0 Cards
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    PCI EXpress USB 2.0 Cards
    I need to get a USB 2.0 add on card because my Mac doesn't seem to like my 4 year old Belkin USB 1.1 hub. But I need a PCI Express one and they're pretty pricey.

    I'm wondering if anyone has heard anything about THIS card. It doens't say weather it works on OS X or not.

    The other one I was looking at is on firewire depot, and that says it's mac G5 compatible, but I'd like to avoid spending $80 if possible.

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    PCI EXpress USB 2.0 Cards
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    No, but THIS one specifically says it supports the G5.

    I just bought one of THESE and popped it into a USB 2 port on my G5. Half the price and the same number of ports.

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