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Thread: Seagat 1tb HDD Uninitialized problem

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    Seagat 1tb HDD Uninitialized problem
    I up switched over to my first mac recently from PC. So still unfamiliar with how to fully use my macbook pro. But im trying to connect my Seagate SRD0SP0 1TB HDD, which is suppose to be able to be used on both PC and mac without formatting. But when I connect it, it lights up like normal but when I go to disk utility it shows up but says its "Uninitialized".

    I am on a Macbook pro OS High Sierra 10.13.4. I looked up solutions but most were for PC and the seagate programs I cant seem to use on mac.

    The data on this harddrive is extremely important and would very much like to not have to delete it.

    I saw some data recovering programs but i dont know how safe they are or theyre just viruses.

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    If you are sure the drive has data on it don't do anything yet. We need a bit more informattion to plot the best course of action.

    If the drive is showing up as uninitialized that would mean that the drive either has not been formatted on a PC or Mac or is formatted in a way that the Mac recognizes. Have you ever used the drive before on a Mac or PC? If you have do you know how the drive is formatted?

    Also, if you connect the drive to a PC what hppens then. Do you get a similar message that the drive needs to be initialized?

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    It was working on my PC but I havent used it in a long time. But I no longer have my PC and only my macbook pro. Im not too sure how the drive was formatted.

    But I can get a friends PC and see what happens and will report back


    I tried it on a friends PC and it connects and shows up and say the device is working but i cant actually open it to view the files.
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    You need to move the data to another drive. Then erase that drive and format the drive as exFAT for it to be useable with both macOS and winOS.

    You may be able to install Paragon NTFS,, but I don't know if the free trial will let you copy everything off, or if it is a limited trial.
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    It sounds like the drive has special Seagate software installed and might even be locked. I'm betting he won't be able to copy anything off that drive. It's probably formatted as exFAT or FAT-32 if it supposedly can be used by a PC and Mac.
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