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Thread: ddrescue source overflowing destination

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    ddrescue source overflowing destination
    The machine was started and run in safe mode.

    Disk warrior was run to determine block size.

    Then the Terminal window commands were as follows:

    diskutil list
    cd /Volumes/8TBf
    sudo /opt/local/bin/ddrescue -v -n -c 8192 /dev/rdisk3s2 Rescue.dmg Rescue.log
    GNU ddrescue 1.23
    About to copy an unknown number of Bytes from '/dev/rdisk3s2' to 'Rescue.dmg'
    Starting positions: infile = 0 B, outfile = 0 B
    Copy block size: 8192 sectors Initial skip size: 128 sectors
    Sector size: 512 Bytes

    Press Ctrl-C to interrupt
    ipos: 7999 GB, non-trimmed: 0 B, current rate: 0 B/s
    opos: 7999 GB, non-scraped: 0 B, average rate: 148 MB/s
    non-tried: 9223 PB, bad-sector: 0 B, error rate: 0 B/s
    rescued: 7999 GB, bad areas: 0, run time: 14h 59m 44s
    pct rescued: 0.00%, read errors: 0, remaining time: n/a
    time since last successful read: 0s
    Copying non-tried blocks... Pass 1 (forwards)
    ddrescue: Write error: No space left on device

    It appears the source hardware is fine however the source's directory structure seems to be toasted.

    There were two attempts. The source disk is from seagate. There were 49 GB free space on the source. The destination disks were from seagate and western digital. In both cases ddrescue stopped and said there was no more space on the receiving disk.

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    About to copy an unknown number of Bytes from '/dev/rdisk3s2' to 'Rescue.dmg'

    Not really clear as to what you're actually doing here, but a ".dmg" is usually just a fixed image size.

    - Patrick

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