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    Upgrading Video Card
    I have reason to believe my video graphics card for my Mac is dying, and am wondering if I can upgrade. I ask "if" because my computer repairman years ago said if I did upgrade the graphics card, it would not read my old Final Cut Pro program. And frankly, I love my Final Cut Pro 6. I have seen FCP X in action and do NOT want to upgrade to that. I will use this computer and this version of FCP until it DIES! And I'm hoping to prolong that particular Inevitable.

    So here's what I have:

    Mac Pro
    Processor: 2x2.8 GHz Quard-Core Intel Xeon
    Memory: 10 GB 800 MHz DDr2 FB-DIMM

    Graphics Card:
    ATI Radeon HD2600

    Final Cut Pro:
    Version 6.0.6

    It looks like I could replace the Graphics card on Ebay for about $80 but since I am seeing newer video cards for less money, I thought I'd ask. Is this a question anyone can even answer?

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    Welcome to our forums.

    Several of our members are familiar with the Mac Pro and which video card(s) will work with it, so stay tuned.

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