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    HDD Showing up as empty/different HDD
    Weird problem, but my Dad accidentally cut the power to a multiblock connected to two HDDs while they were connected to a desktop. He turned the power back on asap. When the drives showed up, one was absolutely fine and still works as expected, the other however, now identifies as a completely different drive. It's now showing up as another HDD that he also use with this computer, but that had been ejected a few minutes before he accidentally cut the power to these drives.

    Not only has the name of the drive changed but the reported capacity is incorrect too. It was originally a 2tb drive full of films. It's now showing up as a 5tb drive and empty (however, "get info" still shows 2tb, but also empty)

    Any ideas what could cause this? Any idea of a fix?

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    Shut the computer off and unplug the drives. Leave the drives disconnected, and power on the Mac. Connect the drive with the issue to see if it is properly recognized, if not, restart the Mac and check again.
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    Any ideas what could cause this? Any idea of a fix?
    Welcome to our forums.

    Improperly shutting down a hard drive can cause all sorts of problems with it. Hard drives should be ejected before powering off or removing the USB cable. Try what Bob suggested above but if that doesn't work the drive's hierarchy may have been destroyed or damaged. You may be able to rescue the drive with special software such as Disk Warrior.

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