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    HP OfficeJet V40
    Hey my g/f's mom just gave her an old printer, which we are trying to connect to my iMac 800. It seems like the OS recognizes the peripheral, but when I try to print, I get a bunch of gibberish printed across the top 5 or 6 lines of the page. I checked out HP's website to get driver information or updates, and they only offered support for Windows OS. Is it possible that this printer won't work with Mac?

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    prints, but doesn't scan
    Okay, so my officejet v40 prints with my mac after downloading lots of hp stuff (i figured it out the hard way and lots of time downloading hp updates through my computer) but... it still won't scan anything into my computer. Any suggestions? Or free compatible software that anyone knows about?

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    I don't think HP was producing any drivers for the Mac 8 years ago when the V40 came out, which is why 4 years ago the recommendation was to use gimp-print drivers.

    I really doubt you'll get the scanner functioning.

    But, for anyone to even say yes/no or get you pointed in the right direction, you're going to need to supply at least what Mac you have and what version of the OS you're using.
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    Ofcouse, thanks.
    I'm running a OS X 10.5.8 on my macbook. I've tried downloading the hp software for mac, and still it did not recognize my printer.

    I had a pc... and bought this printer YEARS ago... and after downloading some form of iris and read iris software and hp photo software, it still didn't recognize my hp officejet v40.
    I don't want to lose hope... but I cannot figure this out myself.

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    Hello guys,

    I wonder if you did find out how to sort the scan issue. I have the same problem and I'd like to solve it.

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