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    my PowerMac went CRAZY, it kept backspacing EVERYTHING!
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    my PowerMac went CRAZY, it kept backspacing EVERYTHING!
    All right,
    So, i was typing on someones myspace, when all of a sudden it started backspacing everything. I thought okay, maybe myspace comments can only be so many letters long, but it kept going, then i thought my delete key was stuck, but it wasnt. Then i thought it was just the myspace web site or something, but it turns out EVERY TIME i highlighted some text it would DELETE it one letter at a time very quickly. It did it in safari, mail, word, anything. So i unplugged my keyboard, and it was still doing it. When everything was deleted it would make that noise, over and over. I didnt want to reboot, so i put it to sleep. It went to sleep and everyting seemed fine, then it wouldnt wake up. It just stayed black, the light was on and everything. So i finally hit reset, and everything was back to normal, but im just wondering what could have caused this? Ive had my PowerMac for about 3 months now, and its been great, and nothing like this has ever occured to me.
    Any comments?



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    my PowerMac went CRAZY, it kept backspacing EVERYTHING!
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    First thing I would have thought was a stuck key or something wrong with the keyboard. Maybe the KB driver went nuts. Never had that happen in OSX.

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