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    Mac/PC external drives problem - Ghost Underscore
    I have two external firewire drives and both have similar problems, which leads me to believe this is more of a OS X problem.

    When I put files from my Mac laptop onto my external hard drives, they appear in the folder listed as they would normally. However when I take my external drive and plug it into a PC, the PC reads the folder with extra information. The files listed are the same files that I just added, but now there are additional files that are a replica of the listed files but now have an underscore (_) listed in front. the files are all well under a meg in size and always show up on a PC but never on a Mac.

    What are these mysterious ghost underscore files?

    - Geddy

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    Mac/PC external drives problem - Ghost Underscore
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    Assuming the PC is running Windows, and these files only show when it is accessed by the Windows PC, then how exactly is it a problem for OS X?

    Seriously, this is just what Windows does to files in order to read them. You can ignore them.
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