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    Running out of HDD space
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    Running out of HDD space
    The 1 TB hard drive on my iMac is quickly filling up with video, more than anything else. I am expecting that I will need to get a secondary drive and attach either with Firewire or Thunderbolt, if I can get one at a reasonable price. But I digress--When I noticed I have only about 200 GB of space left, i went to "About This Mac" and see that there are 177 GB of data classified as OTHER. I realize my Documents & Parallel would be in this area, but they only occupy 100 GB of space. What would be taking up the other 77 odd GB?

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    Running out of HDD space
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    Everything that isn't included in the other categories including system files. Think of "other" as a catch all for anything that isn't audio, movies, photos, apps or backups.
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    Running out of HDD space
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