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    New iMac Addressbook question

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    New iMac Addressbook question
    I just bought a new iMac (20" 2.66 GHz, etc..) and started it up without using the Migrate Assistant because my old PowerBook G4 Titanium (!) hard drive crashed so I have no old Mac to draw info from. However, I do have my last backup on an external hard drive. My issue is that I can't seem to get Addressbook on the new iMac to read the Library/Application Assistant/Addressbook/ files. Is there anyway to import these old addresses into my new system??

    On a related note, I've not tried it yet, but I'm assuming I'll have the same issue with my Mail program since the user specific files are also in Library/App Assist/Mail...

    Thanks, yserra

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    New iMac Addressbook question
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    Use the cp command from the terminal to copy in the ~/Library/Application Support files as well as the ~/Library/Mail files

    Don't forget the ~/Library/Preference files for those apps as well.

    Basic command for copying the whole user directory. You should modify paths to copy just the file/folders you want. You'll be asked for the password of the logged in user. As long as that user is an admin you're golden.

    sudo cp -Rv /Volumes/name_of_hd/Users/username/ /Macintosh\

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