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    File name truncation

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    File name truncation
    Hi there,

    One of my bosses has an Powerbook with OS X operating system. He cannot see the full file names of files on our server, while the PC users in the office can. See Attached.

    We have gone to a MAC store and contacted their technical support, and they say it's a Microsoft Issue.... however, big surprise, Microsoft says it's a MAC issue.

    I am not sure where to go - hence me asking the forum. Has anyone had any experience with something like this and did you find a solition?


    - Wendy

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    File name truncation

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    It's hard to say anything without any information about either the version of Windows or the version of Mac OS X you're using, but I suspect that you're connecting using AFP. Windows Server 2003 only supports an obsolete version of AFP.

    You should be able to connect using SMB (type smb:// before the server name) and see the full names.

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