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    ../configure: Permission denied error on mac os x

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    ../configure: Permission denied error on mac os x

    I am trying to install wxwidgets 2.6 on mac os x 10.8.5. I have got this error

    ../configure: Permission denied
    when I try to execute from a root with
    sudo ../configure
    i have got this error
    sudo: ../configure: command not found
    What's the problem?

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    ../configure: Permission denied error on mac os x
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    Only one dot: ./configure
    Two dots makes the shell think you're trying to source a file called ./configure, as in trying to read a file into memory like a $PATH or something.
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    ../configure: Permission denied error on mac os x
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    Also, these commands should not be run with "sudo", you are compiling a program locally so do it as you, not root..

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    ../configure: Permission denied error on mac os x
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    The only step you need elevated privileges for is the installation (or, "make install").
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