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    iSync push out contacts

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    iSync push out contacts
    People are always posting problems, well I thought I'd post a solution.

    So I was playing with iSync and my new Nokia 8800. I then decided to sync my other phone, a Motorola Razr, but then I ended up with 2 sets of each contact. So I deleted the contacts in address book, synced and synced again so the contacts would come across just from my Nokia. However, instead, the contacts vanished from my Nokia. I realised this was because I had updated the database on my mac more recently than the phone by deleting them.

    So I did Edit -> undo, but this wouldn't push the contacts back out to my phone.

    The solution? I backed up my contacts to an archive, deleted them all, then re-imported them, overwriting the database. This then meant that it was more up to date than my phone, and so overwrote the phone with the contacts!

    That was a scary half hour while I worked that one out!

    Let me know if this saves anyone having to type in 500 contacts!

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    iSync push out contacts

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    Im actually having problems trying to sync my N73 to isync for the first time. Ive got a Blackberry connecting through pocketmac perfectly though.

    It wont keep a connection via bluetooth either. Dunno whats wrong. It recognizes the device both ways just wont sync.

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