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    Adium and Camino crash on start

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    Jan 04, 2007
    Adium and Camino crash on start

    I am very new to Macs, so please bear that in mind.

    I installed Adium and Camino and everything was working fine. I later installed macgpg and mac GPG Keychain Access. I installed all the programs using my admin account. However, I do not use the admin account for anything other than administration.

    So I logged back in as my regular account, opened GPG Keychain Access and click on Generate (to create my key). GPG Keychain Access crashed. It crashed everytime I open it and click Generate. I temporarily gave up.

    I tried to open Camino and Adium, and they both crash (all my other programs still open successfully).

    I have tried removing the preferences files for all those programs as well as removing the Application Support files for both.
    To be exact:
    ~/Library/Application Support/Adium 2.0
    ~/Library/Application Support/Camino

    Removing all those did not fix it.

    When I log in as the admin, all the programs still work and I can create a GPG key in GPG Keychain Access.

    I created a new regular user account and logged in as that account. Everything works (including creating the GPG key).

    I do not know what else I can do. Please give me some ideas. I do not want to simply move everything to the new account because I would like to know what is the cause so I can fix/prevent in the future.

    If needed, I can post the GPG Keychain Access and Camino crash log. I can't for Adium because it did not create one.

    Some other info:
    -> I have successfully created a GPG key in the command line using gpg --gen-key and can see the keys in GPG Keychain Access (which does not crash anymore because I am not clicking on Generate).
    -> I am not using fink (I know that gpg has special install instructions when installed through fink).

    Thanks for you help.

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    Adium and Camino crash on start

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    Jan 04, 2007
    Based on advise from someone, I removed various files and found that if I remove:
    ~/Library/Application Support/AddressBook/
    it solves the problem.

    I had not even noticed, but my Address Book also crashed upon opening it. By removing this file, I lost all my contact (not a big deal as it was a new mac and only had test contacts in there).

    Can anyone tell me how something like this happens?
    As I said originally, I am new to Macs, so I am just wondering if things like this happen often in the mac world.

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, helpmhost!

    Nope I never had problems like that. Looks like something corrupted those files, most likely the last software you talk about i.e. macgpg and mac GPG Keychain Access.

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    Adium and Camino crash on start

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    Oct 27, 2005
    To me, the important thing here is that you found the solution to your problem, which was the removal of the ~/Library/Application Support/AddressBook/ file.

    Who could have connected that file to the issues you were having with MacGPG, Adium and Camino....certainly not I.

    It can be quite difficult to explain why things happen in a certain order or what is the cause of a certain issue but I think you should know that your post might help someone in the future who is having trouble trying to sort out a similiar issue.

    Sometimes the strangest solution works, there's no explanation.

    From your 1st post in this thread I can see that you like to get under the bonnet for a peek around and as a result are learning quite a bit about your Mac.

    Hopefully you will stick around and continue to learn and also help others here.

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