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    What Dvd Viewer ?

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    Sep 18, 2006
    Question What Dvd Viewer ?
    I have 10.2.8 installed on my quicksilver and have realised that I dont have a dvd viewer, which programme can I use ? preferably free...


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    What Dvd Viewer ?
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    VLC can play DVD's & is free

    You'll need the older version further down the page:

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    What Dvd Viewer ?
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    Sep 09, 2006
    VLC plays DVDs. It's free and region free, so you should be able to play any DVD on it.
    In your system preferences, go to CD's and DVD's, and once you've downloaded the app, you can set your mac to open VLC each time you insert a DVD movie disc.

    arrr, Aptmunich, you beat me by 1 minute!! haha

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    What Dvd Viewer ?

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    Sep 18, 2006
    thanks pguys

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