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    EB Games/Gamestop Game Trade In Prices
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    EB Games/Gamestop Game Trade In Prices
    I have some xbox/gcube games i want to sell, does anyone know how much gamestop or eb games will give you?

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    It depends on the condition of the game, if it's in it's original case, the condition of that case, what game it is, how old the game is, etc... There is no set price. But it would most likely not be much

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    EB Games/Gamestop Game Trade In Prices
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    I think it also depends on when the game was released and the demand for the game....

    I think they average like 8-10 $ for a game...I just traded in I think 8 (really old) xbox games and they gave me like $8 each
    Only 1 did not have the original case
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    EB Games/Gamestop Game Trade In Prices

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    If they are fairly new sell them on Ebay, a little bit of work but you'll get a LOT more than the store will give you.

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