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    Can't see powerpoint slides on my iMac

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    Feb 09, 2011
    Can't see powerpoint slides on my iMac
    IF anyone could help me out I would appreciate it so much.

    I am a new Mac user and I tried to open a file which contained powerpoint slides that was created on a PC, but I cannot view it, it just looks like a bunch of codes to me. I am assuming that I need to download an app or something to be able to view this. Does anybody know what I need to do???It is very important as it is crucial information that I need for school.

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    Can't see powerpoint slides on my iMac
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    Feb 01, 2011
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    There isn't an application that comes with the Macintosh that will allow you to view a PowerPoint Presentation.

    You need to get a presentation application. You can get any of these:

    Microsoft Office for the Mac, which includes PowerPoint:
    Microsoft Office for Mac | Office For Mac

    Keynote, which is Apple's equivalent to PowerPoint, and which can play PowerPoint files:
    Apple - iWork - Keynote - Create captivating presentations easily.

    If you want something that is free, you can download this excellent free open-source office suite, which includes a presentation app:

    (Very similar are OpenOffice/Mac and LibreOffice, but of these NeoOffice is currently the most advanced.)


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    Can't see powerpoint slides on my iMac
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    Keynote, that comes with iWork, will open Powerpoint files.

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    Can't see powerpoint slides on my iMac

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    Nov 04, 2011
    Viewing PP files on a Mac G4
    Someone wrote in how to view pps files on a Mac 4.
    Highlight the pps and hit the space works GREAT!
    Thank you, whoever sent the answer in.

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