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    What iWork '06 Should Be...
    I like iWork '05
    Its very handy for certain things
    But the same way apple stopped using IE and got something 1000X better (Safari)
    they have to do the same with there office suite

    Pages 2 - fine, it can use a small upgrade, more templates and fonts would be nice, but all in all, its pretty good

    Keynote 3 - much better than powerpoint, can use an upgrade, more templates, etc

    My personel ideas

    Sheets - a spread sheet program, something compatible with excel, there isnt much inovation that one can do in this area, but apple is the king, so dont doubt it

    Bases - apple should buy filemaker, and rename it and have the best database program there is

    Notes - something like onenote, quick typed/drawn notes with voice recording

    Mail 2 - they should take mail, ical, stickies, a journal software and make an outlook style program

    Charts - apple should buy Omnigraffle and rename it, and add a flowchart program

    Plans - a project managment software

    MainPage - HTML/XML editor with design view

    Art - a program that has advanced painting features
    not so advanced but better than what there is

    apple should include a larger font and clipart portfolio as well

    im sure there are other things that apple should add

    but this would be a nice start

    make sure all the programs are office compatible

    then they should then finally put appleworks to an end

    and give iWork '06 and iLife '06 standard on every new mac bought

    thats how u gain market share

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    What iWork '06 Should Be...
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    it'd be nice if apple had the equivalent of publisher. it's not like i use it much, but i want to make some business cards... or can you already do that with iwork?

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    i think u can get a plugin for pages

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    I would like a Data Base program in the suit. A bit advanced for the average house hold user, but they need a DB program for the bussiness market.

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    What iWork '06 Should Be...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mh10190
    My personel ideas

    Sheets - a spread sheet program, something compatible with excel, there isnt much inovation that one can do in this area, but apple is the king, so dont doubt it
    Before mh10190 got banned I was gonna correct him that Apple already has a spreadsheet program in the works called "Numbers," at least that's what I've read so far. Not sure if it will be released wit iWork '06 though.

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    Im back baby
    That said

    Apple has alot of stuff in AppleWorks
    But its old and out dated

    Apple is getting bigger
    and Microsoft is noticing

    Their contract with microsoft for office and ie is up
    (to my knowledge)
    and microsoft just kept giving office
    Safari made IE pointless

    microsoft can pull office out at any moment
    and apple will basically have to stop growing in certain fields
    unless they are armed and ready

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    What iWork '06 Should Be...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mh10190
    Bases - apple should buy filemaker, and rename it and have the best database program there is
    Apple already owns Filemaker. From the About Filemaker, Inc. page:

    "Ownership: FileMaker, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Apple Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL)."
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    thats even better

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    What iWork '06 Should Be...
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    Yeah but they won't put filemaker in with iWork - it's far too advanced for the market apple is aiming for...

    Remember: This is a product squarely aimed at the consumer/home/self-exmployed market. They aren't trying to attack microsoft's market-share in the business field.

    I think iWork 06 will upgrade the current apps and add numbers for spreadsheets.
    Nothing overly complex...

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    first off,i think u mean iWork

    filemaker is more advanced
    they should make a more basic one

    they shouldnt worry about takin MSs market share
    they should worry about MS taking office away from them
    MAc is growing

    MS needs apple to be alive for antitrust reasons

    but with the constant growth of apple
    MS can pull the plug at anytime for office
    and if macs not ready
    theyll get screwdd

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