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    Arrow Please suggest a paint program
    I'm looking for a simple OSX compatible "paint" program. I still use & love "Color it" but it looks like the days of running such programs in Classic mode are numbered.

    I don't need a professional level program. My primary requirements are an easy leasrning curve and low cost. My the way I hate AppleWorks.

    Many thanks...

    A. Kopman

    Please reply to

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    Please suggest a paint program
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    I use EazyDraw for everything from Logos for another forum to floor plans for house alterations. $95 US from Memory but a free trial and $20 9 month license available.
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    Please suggest a paint program

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    I personally like GraphicConverter. $30 shareware, and it supports every format under the sun, with a good set of elementary editing tools.

    [EDIT: if you have a recent PowerBook or Power Mac, you may already have a copy in your Applications folder.]

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    Please suggest a paint program

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    I use GIMP, it is free and can to virtually all you need to a still image

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    Please suggest a paint program
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