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    iWork09 Numbers question...

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    Apr 01, 2010
    iWork09 Numbers question...
    No one at Apple seems to be able to answer this, so I'm hoping an experienced Numbers09 user can.

    While working in a table, I understand how to add Categories. However, when I choose to add a Sub-category, it adds one to every Category in the table. I only want Sub-categories on certain Categories. For example:


    Category: Comedies
    Sub-Category: Jim Carrey Movies
    Item: Liar Liar
    Item: the Mask
    Item: Me, Myself and Irene

    Category: Sci-Fi
    Sub-Category: Item 1 (Don't want one here...but can't get rid of it)
    Item: Star Wars
    Item: Serenity

    Any help would be great. Thanks.

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    iWork09 Numbers question...
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    Separate tables for each genre.

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