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    Paul G
    Anti-Virus Software
    Hi there, I've been asked to look into Anti-Virus software for our Mac at work that will be put onto a huge global network. Can anyone suggest a good one to purchase. I've been warned away from Norton in the past.

    Thank you muchly
    Paul :p

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    Anti-Virus Software
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    virex is free with .mac, but I personally use intego virus barrier, since I don't have a .mac account.

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    The US version of Macworld (March '05) reviewed anti-virus software and rated Intego's VirusBarrier as the editors' choice. Also - imo - Symantec's long-range commitment to the Mac is questionable. Norton's Anti-Virus is the only Mac product that Symantec markets. It is not hard to imagine that Symantec would cut Mac development to streamline its operations.

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    Paul G
    Excellent - thanks for your help.


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    Anti-Virus Software
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    I use NIS 3.0 on my PB, got a virus and sent it to Norton, i didn't realize that a PC virus can't hurt a Mac.. But anyway Norton called my house with in 3 hours of my e-mail to them to tell me.. I would say that commitment isn't a problem at present.. I like Norton because it doesn't slow down my PB nor use resources and their support is second to none.

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    Anti-Virus Software
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    do not get virex!!!!!!! i have intego but i never used it. it was ok the few times that i did.

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    Anti-Virus Software
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    .mac virex is not working for me (one of the reasons i joined) but not yet set for tiger........figures!
    I started using PS from finding this forum and all the help I have gotten here thru the years is immeasurable
    thank you MacForums and all it's members

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    Anti-Virus Software
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    Neither of them work well with Tiger yet, please be careful.
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