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    deleted history: recoverable?
    I have a friend with a Powerbook G4, 1 gig ram, 1.25GHz, OS 10.3.7. A suspicious individual used her computer when she was asleep, and told her it was used for "work" or something. However, nothing of that nature is in the history of any of her internet browsers. The guy used Safari though. How can I find deleted history, if that's possible? I know you can find virtually anything deleted on a computer if you know how to use DOS or a utility, but I don't know neary as much about Macs. Yet. I'm working on that. Thanks, friendly Mac people!

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    Mostly to bump:

    If it were windows I could tell you. <_< However, not a Mac.. yet.

    This is a better question for the software section, yo.

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