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    iPhoto: re-encode all videos?
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    Question iPhoto: re-encode all videos?
    Hi Everyone,

    Earlier this year I bought a decent Canon digital camera. Sometimes I take small videos with it. The videos are super crisp, but are hhuuggee AVIs (about 100MB/minute!). They filled up my hard drive so I need to do something about it. I want to keep the video in iPhoto though, because they are from the current year.

    I exported one and reencoded it as a m4v. 90% savings in file size, little to no loss in quality. But now it's a new file - new date, new name, etc. It would be a pain to re-import them all into iPhoto, fix the dates, get rid of the original AVI.

    Is there an app or script that will re-encode all videos in iPhoto automagically?

    Thanks in advance,

    BTW, here is the comparison...

    iPhoto: re-encode all videos?-avi-jpgiPhoto: re-encode all videos?-m4v-jpg
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