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    Program Uninstaller

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    Program Uninstaller
    Is there a free program that will uninstall mac programs and all the files that it puts on the computer that is free? thanks guy

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    Program Uninstaller
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    You can just drag the application to the Trash to "uninstall" it.

    If you're really paranoid, look into AppDelete for a free uninstaller

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    If you want ALL the files, do a spotlight search for the app, then move all the spotlight results to the trash. No real need, though, just the app itself to the trash is sufficient. The prefs, etc. are not large and do not take any space, so no harm in leaving them alone.

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    Use Appzapper. It seems the best for tracking down all related files and is accompanied with a satisfying 'ray-gun' sound effect!
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    AppZapper isn't free though. I found AppCleaner. I think it looks nicer than AppDelete and it shows you all the files its found.

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    Program Uninstaller
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    i have appzap and like it but your best bet is actually searching and deleting everything because most unistallers don't get rid of everything. But you are correct just dragging the application is not sufficient

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