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    Quote Originally Posted by chscag View Post
    Hey John...

    We have drills here in Texas! You should see the size of them though - don't think they would fit in your toolbox. Our drills here find that black stuff in the ground and lately lots of natural gas. (no jokes about that John)
    Charley, Everything is bigger in Texas! Grin

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    Well Chas, my Forstner bits get as big as 2" diameter. That i s big enough for me mate!

    The last time I bought any drill bits from your side of the pond they started at about 0.25 mm and went to about 1.5mm and there was 50 in the box. All solid tungsten carbide, so I know just how big you make em They don't need to go deep because TC drill bits don't need oil to lubricate them
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