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    Rebuilding Comp. How to save Itunes Lib.

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    Nov 27, 2007
    Rebuilding Comp. How to save Itunes Lib.
    I am reseting everything on this mac, and re-building from the ashes as it were. However, the only thing that I can not re-install or find again is my Itunes library, much of which I no longer have the CD's to anymore.

    1. Now... I see that I can export library, and I have done so, and it is a .xml file that is 1.7mb large. Now is this ALL My music, and when I re-install itunes will this file simply have my music on so I can listen again?

    2. I can also back up to disk, will this save all my music and let me have ALL My music when I re-install itunes?

    Thanks in advance for all your help!!

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    Rebuilding Comp. How to save Itunes Lib.
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    Check your Itunes folder, found in your music folder by default. That contains all your track, album art etc, that's what I use when i reformat my Mac.
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