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    Recording with soundcard input on GB/iMovie
    This is an odd question, but I've been recording myself fiddling around on my piano for a while now by plugging in the output of my keyboard into my soundcard and using Garageband. Garageband makes it sound pretty good, but not great. Today I recorded a video of myself playing using iMovie and used my soundcard input as the audio source (the same setup I use with garageband) and the sound sounds crystal clear and way better than Garageband. Am I doing something wrong, because why would iMovie record sound better than a program designed for audio?

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    im not sure if this will work but try removing and tuning off all the effects on the Audio Channel you are using and in the Master channel... maybe all this default audio make it sudn diferent...
    i hope this helps you.

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    Are you bringing the keyboard into GB as a "real instrument"? It may be that if you apply a little EQ to brighten things up a little in GB that you'll like the sound better. I'm not sure why it sounds so different, but it could be the way that GB is interpreting the sounds or something.

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