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Thread: ITunes Folder Structure

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    ITunes Folder Structure
    Hi All,

    I need to consolidate my library, as its in lots of places, and its getting confusing

    I know I have multiple copies of some albums on my various iPods and iPhones of some albums, and they are all getting put in the same library by the end of this process

    2 Questions ...

    1. I don't like the default iTunes folder structure, is there a way of changing it so it is <artist> - <album_title>

    2. I don't want to keep all the duplicated tracks, is there a way of iTunes not adding a track if the Artist, Track, and Album Title already exist?

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    Short answer to no 1 is no. You can't change the iTunes default folder structure. However, there are ways round this. You need to decide if you are going to organise your music or if you're going to let iTunes do it.

    If it's the former, backup first, then just empty your iTunes library (don't delete any tracks). Now re-organise your folders and music however you'd like. Open iTunes, in Preferences make sure that all the options for iTunes to organise the library are unticked. Point iTunes at the new folder structure and get it to add all to the library.

    This way iTunes will see your library but won't organise it. When you add new tracks to the folder structure you'll need to manually get iTunes to look for changes.

    The alternative is to let iTunes manage your music, let it consolidate the library and it will deal with duplicates to some extent (providing they are from the same artist, album etc)

    For ease of use I'd suggest you let iTunes do it's thing and you just access your music via iTunes. However, if you have an undisclosed need to access the music outside of iTunes you'll may need to go down the micro-management route.

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    If you do a quick search of the Macworld site Kirk the iTunes Guy has written a few articles about organizing iTunes libraries.

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