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    Moving audio book from iMac to iPod touch
    I have an audio book that my friend gave me and I have I placed it my library on my iMac but its gone into music rather than iBooks.
    It does look like an album as its made up of 34 mp3 files.
    I have managed to get it onto my iPod touch but again it has gone into my music folder and not iBooks.
    All the music in my iMac library is synced to my iPhone and I want to use the iPod just as for audio books.
    Is there a way I can move it into the audio books section onto my iMac and iPod touch ?

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    I don't think so. I have synced audio book mp3 files on several occasions to iPods and they always go into music. On mp3 players other than Apple iPods it is possible but so far, I have not been able to do it with any of our iPods.

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    Thanks chscag.
    I haver never downloaded an audiobok from the store.
    I wonder where they go?

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