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    How to move iTunes music files into iCloud
    I have about 14 GB of music files in my iTunes library that I've imported over the years from CD's. These files are currently stored on my Macbook air hard drive. I primarily use my iPhone for music listening (e.g. Pandora) but would like to have all these music files from CD's to be stored in my iCloud account so I can listen to them from my iPhone easily. I have 50 GB of space in my iCloud account but for some odd reason there doesn't seem to be an easy way to upload all my music files into my iCloud account. What am I missing?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Apple wants you to use Apple Music, for this.

    other than than, you would need to sync your Music to your iPhone to listen to them on it.
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    Google Play Music allows up to 50,000 tracks to be uploaded for free and streamed to multiple devices on demand if you don't have or don't want an Apple Music subscription.

    In theory you could upload your music folder structure to iCloud via iCloud drive. Then it's a matter of finding an app that can play back from iCloud......
    I'd need to check but Readdle Documents may be able to do this.

    Edit: Ok tried the Files and and Readdle Documents both will play music stored in iCloud Drive.... However, it's not streamed but downloaded on demand.
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    Thanks for your help with this guys. The google music option was pure gold and I like their services quite a bit.

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