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Thread: Copying Vinyl to CD format

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    Question Copying Vinyl to CD format
    I have some Italian and German 45s that i would like to add to my iTunes library. I haven't the faintest clue how to do this. I have a technics turntable, Technics Receiver Amplifier (from the 80's) that still works.
    What do i need in the way of software or additional hardware to make this work?

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    To save yourself a lot of time and trouble, you might want to check some sources (iTunes Store etc.) and see if someone hasn't already done the conversion work for you.

    If you're going to go with the DIY route, you'll need to do some checking on what you may need and what Mac model you have and you may want to start with some of the hits from a search such as:

    As for your existing equipment, you'd probably need something like a Griffin iMac as a minimum, which I don't think are sold new these days.

    Or just purchase a turntable made for the job with USB connections.

    Personally, I'd suggest start looking and searching at iTunes etc.

    My mistake, the Griffin iMic is still available:

    Mic shines as the essential tool for converting your vinyl LP and tape collection into MP3s and CDs. Digitizing records and tapes through iMic directly from your turntable or tape deck is super easy. Use your own favorite recording software, or use our software for free. For Mac users, we provide Final Vinyl as a free download.

    - Patrick
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    I've use the iMac gizmo for just this kind of task. In fact I have two of them and keep them around for just such a task. Haven't tried it with a turntable but have with audio tapes and it works nicely.

    If you're turntable and receiver are still working correctly it should work find with the iMac. Connect the turntable to the receiver and then connect the appropriate output on the receiver to the iMic input A cable like this should work. Noe that the iMic has a trip switch. If I remember correctly the switch allows the iMic to switch between mic and line level input. I think you need to set it to line level. As far as software just about any decent recording software will work.

    Patrick's idea of using a USB turntable simplifies things a bit but is somewhat of a limited usefulness device unless you have a large number of recordings to transfer or your turntable/receiver combo isn't working.

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