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    Alternative to iTunes 12
    Looking for a good alternative to iTunes 12 or a way to make iTunes 12 useable....

    Currently I have about 1TB of music, which has rendered my iTunes library pretty unusable since I updated from iTunes 10 to 11 back in 2013(?)
    iTunes 12 is just more of the same.

    Finally getting fed-up of not accessing my library because of the immense lag time in searches and playback (average 3-5 second delay in every command)
    It's not like this if I have a small library on another computer.

    I have tried turning off features in iTunes which connect to the internet, but none seem to have helped.

    Also, a pain in iTunes 11/12 is that I can't double-click a playlist and open in a new window. Is this possible?

    I use iTunes to archive songs, create playlists for radio broadcasts and connect with RadioLogik software for Automation playback while on-air.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    You can use VLC for playing music. You can also take a look on Plex.

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