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Thread: .wmv to .mp4

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    .wmv to .mp4
    Ok so Microsoft don't want to support Windows Media Player on Mac any more.

    That's cool WMP sucks anyway. But how do I convert .wmv files to .mp4? especially when you consider that some of the more recently created files won't even open in the last Mac edition of Wmp.


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    i think that iSquint can convert wmv to mp4 (not positive). choose optimize for tv or the other settings you want. also i use the free version of flip4mac. its a plug in that lets you play wmv through quicktime.

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    Ahh, topnotch mate. I'll give it a nudge!!!

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    Humm, Tried flip4mac and most of my wmv files worked and exported to mp4 fine through QT Pro, however ther were still many that didn't open.
    I'm trying to down load iSquint now but it's proving to be a bit dodgy.

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    Well, perhaps the wmv files can't convert are just dodgy or some strange kind of codec?
    Anyone with thoughts on the subject?

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    I have the same problem. About 75% of mine play in QT, but the remaining 25% won't at all, they still play in WMP. I suspect it has to do with how they were encoded originally and then converted to wmv files.

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